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This offer is coming to you from a financial company, formed and existing under the laws of the States of New York and Connecticut, USA, with more than 25 years of financial consulting experience on Wall Street and in the City of London. The company consults and represents globally a wide variety of clients, from High Net Worth (HNW) individuals to asset managers/ financial institutions as well as corporate clients, now working for the bank owners to divest their bank business.

To help divest third generation owners' family of the ownership. We are working on a rare opportunity to implement a step-by-step process of divestment for the client owner-family.

For a Potential Buyer
This offer presents an extremely rare opportunity to purchase an International Bank in Puerto Rico regulated by local & Federal Reserve System/ Bank (FRS). The bank was established in the early 20th century in one of the United States Territories and have been profitably operating since then. The bank has substantial client base of High Net Worth (HNW) clients and corporations - both from the United States and international.
For sale are all the shares of the bank, 100%. The bonus is the unlimited potential to open onshore branches and representative offices in USA and worldwide in addition to the operational offshore bank in Puerto Rico. The FRS “membership” has the highest standard and the highest operational risk scrutiny for the financial institutions. The process of vetting is, therefore, very stringent and thorough. Any interested investor and entrepreneur, undertaking a bid, should be fully aware of and concur with the acquisition process (as described below).

For intermediaries/agents
Help us to find the buyers and a fee of USD 150,000 will be paid to you for the successful lead once the deal is closed. You won't have to participate in any negotiations, just give me the name and contacts of the company or high net worth individual in your country, or may be outside, willing to buy the bank.

Geographic location within easy reach of LatAm and North America, low taxes if any, financial privacy for the bank's customers, protection from lawsuits, access to a variety of investment opportunities, gold and silver bank accounts, access to medical services in Puerto Rico, obtaining U.S. citizenship through a $1 million investment in Puerto Rico and other benefits attract wealthy individuals and corporations.

General Operational Information
International Bank with CLASS A - general and unrestricted license.

Current Services
Personal & Corporate Services – Operating, Savings, Fixed Deposit, Debit Cards Investment Management
Security-based Lending
Wholesale Banking: provides banking & securities services to larger clients, such as HNW individuals, family offices and corporations
Card Services
Internet Banking

Financial Highlignts for 2020-2021
For 2022, they're not ready yet, but they should be just as good. Financial Highlights numbers are in USD thousand and are rounded down to a million. Source: audited financials by Grant Thornton, one of the leading accounting firms in the USA and the world, according to the US GAAP standard.

Year 2020 2021
Total Assets 174,000 178,000
Total liabilities 145,000 144,000
Shareholders' Equity 29,000 34,000
Retained earnings 25,000 30,000
Net income 8,000 8,000

The above figures show that the bank is highly profitable, it has a very good ROE (return on equity) - 25% (23.6% and 27.6% for YY 2020-2021).
All 100% shares are offered for sale (price $ 75 million). We can consider the sale of a package of shares of 49% (price $ 38 million) and the possibility of your joint partnership with another bank, company, investment fund or individual of your choice.

Acquision Price
Based on valuation multiple model and industry standard: TEV/EBITDA multiple of 15 (for growth TAM/SAM industries/Private Banking markets) = $120 million (The valuation standard of Total Enterprise Value (TEV) / EBITDA Ratio approach is used for Private Banking industry). The family will consider selling at $75 million, which is 37.5% discount.
* The bank operates now with regulatory required capital of approximately $12-15 million. This capital will be withdrawn by the owner family upon divestment of the bank and it will be required to be supplied by the buyer/ investor to assure operational continuity.

Infrastructure and Technology
Core Technology – The bank’s IT function is outsourced to Datapro Inc., Miami, one of the world's premiere software development companies for Banks and Financial Institutions, through a Technical Services Agreement (TSA) which covers the provision of IT services including network maintenance and security, data management, hardware maintenance, administration of the core banking application, and all other IT related needs.
The bank has a mandated robust Compliance/ AML onboarding systems and teams as mandated by the local banking Regulator and FRS.
The bank enjoys the rare status of Primary License Member of American Express. ®

Staff Support
The bank comprises a full time staff. Its strong management team fully meets the Fed's requirements for experience, expertise and citizenship, they are confidently leading the bank forward on its outlined digital transformation strategy with the help of Datapro, Inc., Miami.

Bank Facilities
The bank has a Financial Center that houses its Corporate Offices located in San Juan, the capital of the state.

Acquisition Requirements
Minimum of three directors with 10 years of FRS banking experience and one of them is to be a permanent resident of the territory with the same ten years of FRS banking experience. The bank already has the required top management on staff. Subsequent approval of new owners are required by the owners family, local regulator and, finally - approval from the Federal Regulator (FRS).

Process of Acquisition
Our company principals will buy out the bank in a GP/LP (General Partner/ Limited Partners) fund structure. The fund is owned by our Investment Management and Financial Consulting company (in good standing with the New York and Connecticut Banking Commission since 1998) – on behalf of the buyer/s using an mutually acceptable escrow account for a) acquisition funds b) KYC/Due Diligence funds c) Operation Capital. The owners, local regulator and FRS will carry out necessary Due diligence, checks and approval procedures (sanction, AML, residence restrictions, suitability and management management team availability, its minimal professional experience and licenses/qualifications, readiness to commence operations under new ownership, etc).

The industry-wide accepted standard steps, confirmed by the owners' family are the following:
  1. Preliminary KYC: please provide copies of national IDs/passports and confirmation of residence (and the entity formation documents, if applicable) on the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) & the investors providing the funds - for the preliminary KYC for the Mandate Agreement letter, including a standard NDA clause.
  2. The buyers sign Mandate Agreement / NDA, after which the name of the bank, details of the ownership, bank charter and structure are disclosed.
  3. If approved by the bank and upon satisfaction of the investor the LOI is signed and the full amount of funds (see a-c, above) is deposited in an escrow account with one of the top legal firms in Miami, Florida, specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions escrow provision/ management.
  4. The signing of LOI and deposit initiates the buy side Due Diligence process: KYC, including on the ground meetings and books, Regulator examination, as required by the GP and LP investor.
  5. The checks and balances approval process starts with the local government Regulator upon filing of change of ownership - it usually takes between three and six months. The bank could be operational under new management after the local Regulator’s approval.

      If you are in agreement with the above process and requirements, please let us know at or WhatsApp +7 916 126 9182.

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