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Anatoly POLYAKOV  Emirates 2022


As a Business Consultant, Anatoly POLYAKOV advises, provides information, insight and recommendations to help clients reach their goals and solve problems, thus saving and making a big buck for his clients.


  • Organize and execute business projects on behalf of clients according to client’s requirements;
  • Meet with assigned clients when needed and perform an initial assessment of a problematic situation;
  • Collect information about the client’s business through a variety of methods;
  • Analyze and interpret data to unearth weaknesses and problems, and comprehend the causes;
  • Formulate recommendations and solutions with attention to a client’s wishes, capabilities and limitations forming concise reports.


  • good education - PhD in history of diplomacy and international relations, Master's in linguistics, expert in combined arms combat, air defense, submarine warfare;
  • fluent English and native Russian plus basic German, French, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian;
  • broad international experience incl UN service (awarded a medal by the UN Secretary-General), participation in negotiations at highest corporate and governmental levels;
  • knowledge and understanding of many cultures;
  • speak to a large audience, interviews on radio and TV in the Soviet Union, Russia and South Africa;
  • broad knowledge of business matters — banking, construction, HoReCa, HR, logistics, online marketing, mining, Oil & Gas, defense, crypto (his advise HODL!), business documents incl contracts;
  • analytical mind with excellent intelligence collection and analysis skills, check of facts;
  • work alone and in a team, vertically and laterally;
  • quickly understand many fields, assess problem situation and undertake projects on behalf of the client’s business;
  • effective written and verbal communicator.




  • organized, on behalf of a client in the Persian Gulf, the preparatory stage of construction of three hydropower plants in Africa, project price tag USD 5 billion i.e. got a letter of intent from the largest in Russia builder and operator of hydropower plants to support the African project as an engineering advisor, collected the hydrology data for the construction sites, contacted preliminarily a top contractor in India with rep offices in the Persian Gulf, ordered the Power Purchase Agreement from the African government, prepared all information for registration of the Special Purpose Vehicle in the client's country to run the project on behalf of the client;
  • on behalf of a client in the Persian Gulf negotiated with the anchor developer the client's participation in the initial stage of a mega project - construction of another palm island in the Emirates, starting price USD 5 billion.


  • prepared a feasibility study on hotels and a game reserve in Africa for a client in the Persian Gulf, recommended reduction of asking price from USD 100 million to USD 22 million, the sellers accepted the valuations.


  • provided recruitment solutions, up to 6,000 personnel, for top international contractors in refurbishment of refineries and construction of a huge polymer plant in Russia, and a gas-fired power plant in Uzbekistan;
  • selected, briefed, processed via the Spanish Consulate in Moscow, a group of Russian design engineers for the contractor's office in Madrid, Spain, with the task of preparing a set of working drawings for refurbishment of a refinery in Russia.


  • supported 3-year negotiations of a top Russian logistic company with international strategic investors.


  • advised on set up of an online casino built on a Canadian engine (had to travel over 11 time zones all the way to Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada), guided its online marketing campaign.


  • did a feasibility study on a lucrative metal mine in Africa, asking price USD 1.6 billion, at then going LME prices and output tonnage recoup time was 3 years, researched its operation and recommended switch from mine with 5,000 local miners to an open pit, the ore body was not very deep from the surface, with a couple of excavators and a dozen of dump trucks so the same metal output tonnage less 5,000 miners would make the operation much more profitable, after further research into the matter had to recommend rejection of the offer due to latent political pressure to keep 5,000 local workers employed.


  • guided setup of a regional office in the Russian Arctic Circle for a top international O&G service company (registration papers, office, warehouse, housing, local personnel, local suppliers, telephone and fax numbers, internet);
  • counseled the top management of a top international O&G service company on transfer of assembly of its hi-tech drilling equipment to a jet fighter manufacturing plant in Moscow, Russia;
  • provided personnel solutions for international oil drilling companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Middle East.

Business documents

Anatoly POLYAKOV  Moscow 2023
  • drafted contracts and internal corporate documents for quite a number of domestic and international companies as well as inter-governmental agreements.


  • a lot of consulting cases in the Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia.


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